by Gilles Obermayer

A 2 CD Set of Modern Dance Music for Modern Dance Technique Classes.

Both CDs contain a variety of all Percussion Music
 by composer Gilles Obermayer.

Music is based on the
38 Exercises in the Martha Graham Technique.

Contraction  - Modern Dance CD by Gilles Obermayer

Selections Include:

Floor Work, Standing Work, Across the Floor

Counts for the exercises are detailed in the accompanying Dance notes.  
The Modern Dance Syllabus was designed by Monique S. Sunderland, teacher at The National College of Dance in Oslo, Norway.


CD 1:  Floor Work - 48 Minutes & 25 Exercises from 1:07 - 3:37 minutes in length

CD 2: for Center Work & Across the Floor - 59 Minutes & 35 Exercises from :24 - 3:32 minutes in length

CONTRACTION was Composed to fit with the rhythms and patterns of the 38 exercises of the Graham Technique.  
The music is adaptable for other styles also.  
When listening to the demos, notice the beginning of each track sets the meter and rhythm with a brief intro.


Excerpts of CONTRACTION are in MP3 format.
If you need a free MP3 player or more information on how to play an MP3 file, Click Here.

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Bounces & Breathings (track 4: CD1)
Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of  Feet Coming Forward  (track 11: CD1)
Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Sidebrushes  (track 6: CD2)
Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Prances  (track 25: CD2)
Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Gallop  (track 26:  CD2)
Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Parallel Sissone jumps  (track 29: CD2)


Contraction is based on the standard exercises in the Martha Graham technique but can easily be adapted for all modern dance styles!!  
Gilles uses a wide variety of drums and percussive instruments throughout the two CDs.

CONTRACTION CD-R is $35.00 for the 2 CDs and dance notes.


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