Gilles Obermayer

Gilles Obermayer (GO) is a French percussionist and composer born in Tunis in 1959.  He started his career as a musician and composer in the late seventies in France.   From 1981-2000 Mr. Obermayer lived in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Danmark) where he served on the faculty of the Norwegian National College of Dance in Oslo (1982-1985) and the Swedish National College of Dance (1995-1997) and the Ballet Akademien (1990-2000) in Stockholm.

Since Sept 2000, Mr. Obermayer has been on the faculty at Barnard College, Department of Dance, in NYC and the Music Coordinator since 2003.

Mr. Obermayer has written scores for Norwegian and Swedish National Television and Radio, as well as for many European and American Jazz and Modern Dance Companies, including Norway's Zaraz Dance Company, Sweden's Modern Jazz Dance Ensemble, New York's Gabriel Masson Dance, Goucher College, Bernard College, and others.  As a Performer, Obermayer has toured throughout Europe and Africa as a solo artist as well as with the Avant-Garge Ethno-Punk Ensemble GAH!!! and the Early Music Ensembles: Pro Musica Antigua and Kalenda Maya.

Gilles has accompanied many dancers and Professional Dance Companies including: The Martha Graham Dance Company, Louise Burns, Cornelius Carter, Pat Catterson, Sean Curran, David Dorfman, Dough Elkins, Denise Jefferson, Katiti King, David Kulick, Gabriel Masson, Walter Nicks, Robert North, Dwight Rhoden, Lynn Simonson, Christel Wallin, Kevin Winn, Ron Wood ...




Best of Gilles Obermayer CD

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Best of Gilles Obermayer

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