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AUDIO CLIPS on this Site are in MP3 Format.  Most internet music is in a music file format for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) or WAV (Wave file format).  There are other music formats also available such as Real Audio, AU files etc.  MP3 files are compressed audio files that allow for great sound playback stored in small amounts of computer memory. A .wav file is about 12 times larger than an MP3, so download time with MP3 is faster and preserves great sound.

Generally a 486 or better PC can play MP3's

New version of Microsoft's Media Player play MP3 files but older versions will have to be upgraded.  Click to download free Media Player.  Once on the page, Click on Windows Media player 9 series for a free download.

Free Windows MP3 players are also available from

Real Players are available at

For MACS. Check out  Quicktime

These sites and addresses change and new products quickly develop, but you can always do an internet search for free MP3 players or software.

 Some General Information:

When you click on an MP3 file you will most likely get a download screen.  Click whether you want to download the file now and play it with the MP3 player, or save it until you are off-line.  If the file does not load automatically into the MP3 player, open the MP3 player and load the file manually.  

You must make audio adjustments, like speaker volume, from your computer and the MP3 player.  Some players have playlists.  If more than one MP3 file is open in the playlist, the new file will probably be loaded at the end of that playlist and you will have to click on the new file to play it. If you want, you can download all the files to the play list and then listen to them all play in order.

If the file sounds like a scratchy record or there is sound drop out, your computer may not be fast enough to play the files, or you might have too many programs running at once.  Also, you may prefer one MP3 player over another.  Some players work better than others on different computers.  If you have trouble playing these file, Contact Us and we will try to help you.


See THE LISTENING ROOM (under music) for MP3 songs at this site.  The Listening indicates an MP3 sound file on that page.

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